Who we are.

We are an international team of value driven individuals who share among us many years of experience in leading tech companies. Coming together as R-O-O has been a conscious decision to channel our skills and move a step closer in our dream of living the life of self-determined professionals. We are a group of free-spirited techies who get excited by great ideas. We believe that any challenge that is met with an open mind can reach its full potential.

What drives us.

The freedom to create remotely and work independently. Hiring R-O-O means to hire a nomadic team that has freed itself from the shackles of a physical office. Our Room of Opportunity is a virtual space equipped with tools to ensure a dynamic and efficient workflow. Our physical home bases are in Berlin (ger), Dhaka (bld), Moscow (rus) and Guadalajara (mex) …

Working directly with people. We are social techies who bring personal flavour into what we do. Working remotely is only possible because we meet at eye level within our team and with our clients. Our biggest asset is our trusted network of skilled and creative people and by knowing each individual’s expertise and interests, we are able to build teams that work towards your unique needs.

Hassle-free and direct delivery. Our service is direct and personal, and our flexible organisational structure allows us to tackle your project from its root until fruition with minimal hurdles. Flat hierarchies, minimal admin and a goal-oriented approach are our ingredients for a speedy and smooth delivery.