Agency Services

Opportunities to create something that makes a difference.

Build projects with confidence

Technology is one of the greatest milestones in human evolution. We believe in it as a tool and doing unimaginable things by using them right. That is why we created the Room Of Opportunity. We give room for new ideas, visions and ways of thinking. That’s why we like our clients to see us as their sparring partner who helps to accomplish their goals.



Custom web development for innovative web solutions which go hand in hand with your business strategy. From simple static to more complex web pages and social network services.


Mobile Application

Meet the demand and improve your customers’ experience with a mobile app. Either as a preinstalled software, an app which can be downloaded from an app store or as a web-based software, we plan, design, program, test and deploy your app for your best needs.

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The first impression counts. We help businesses to establish strong customer-centered bonds through a full range of UI/UX services that engage, inspire and build trust. We provide accessible designs, unique brand experiences and emotion-driven strategies to stand out and improve the customer acquisition.



Maximum value with minimal development. Perfectly fitted to the needs and goals of our clients. In-depth research, agile development processes, proactive collaboration, business-oriented strategies and fast delivery spans is what grows a successful core product.

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Devops as a service or as part of a software development process allows continuous integration and optimisation of automated processes, maintenance and support environments between development and operation in our clients’ business environment.

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We consult, manage or work hands-on. According to your business needs, we establish a cloud strategy and migrate, integrate and configure your business processes to become more agile and flexible.



With the digital transformation comes the integration of digital technology into all business areas which alters the way you operate with your customers. It continuously challenges the status quo and demands for innovation and growth.

Concept Evaluation
(Reality Check)

Prior to the market launch of a product or service, a concept evaluation process validates ideas and reveals potential customers’ opinions, needs, and expectations. It’s a critical step before costly investments are taken and a well-proven low-cost phase.