We are here to build digital things.
Services, processes, workflows and teams.

To start projects and achieve faster results, we can help
you to build your own remote team or provide you one.

Remote. Creative. Independent.

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Your upfront

Once you approach us, we are ready to go. At Room of Opportunity, we immediately place your project at the centre to help you find the fastest and best digital solution, no matter how complex or urgent your idea. You can be assured that your upfront investment is directly translated into action.


Your speed to

Your goal is our mission. At R-O-O, we understand the urgency of your project and work closely with you to get it ready for the market. We apply a “no nonsense” approach in order to prioritise your project and reach your goal.



Our scalable teams adapt to your changing requirements. Your project is naturally going through phases and your needs change constantly. This month you may only require three developers but next month you need fifteen? R-O-O helps you to maneuver through these changing tides.


Passionate & skilled people

We put passion into our profession. - We get excited about new challenges and love putting our minds into reaching sustainable solutions. Through R-O-O, you have access to a network of talented techies and software developers who put their heart into what they do.


Open & progressive

Your idea meets open minds. - At R-O-O you meet a young and dynamic team of open-minded individuals. You can approach us with any problem and we will find just the right solution for you.

We will help you move towards your goal with these
5 key benefits.

get your scalable remote dev team
Starting at 49€ / hour

hire us

for your



Starting at 6.999 € for a simple MVP

get your



dev team

hire us

for your



Technology & People

Javascript – React, Angular
React Native, iOS, Android & Flutter
Python, Java
PHP – Laravel

Each project is different
and so are people.
Knowing everyone’s key assets and skills, we are able to build teams that work towards your
unique needs.

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