All entrepreneurs know the biggest challenge in starting a new project: to build an efficient team that speeds up your product to market. A team is like the engine of a car: in order to run smoothly, all its individual parts need to be attuned to the same goal. Translate this to working with people, [&helli

2020 and the new image of remote work 2020 has surely been a year that has revolutionised the way we work. In recent pre-pandemic times, “work from home”, “remote work” and such concepts have become trend words, conveying the somewhat novel idea that we don’t have to physically be in the same plac

Let’s assume, you have an excellent product or service idea which can add great value to your customer. To build that product, you need an efficient team that will understand your core vision, your objective, your goal, and the process you follow at your work. But getting the desired team with the combina