How To Lower Your Upfront Investment Through Remote Teams

All entrepreneurs know the biggest challenge in starting a new project: to build an efficient team that speeds up your product to market. A team is like the engine of a car: in order to run smoothly, all its individual parts need to be attuned to the same goal. Translate this to working with people, it means that your team has to identify with a common goal that is clear, relevant, significant, urgent and achievable. Without it, your team members will struggle to align their efforts in one direction and your project will suffer considerably.

To put it straight: your business idea would remain a mere abstraction if you did not find the right people to execute it with you, so building a team is crucial. But is it really a sustainable investment when you are building your project from scratch?

Recruiting and hiring the right people can be a mammoth task that doesn’t only drain your time and energy, but your financial resources as well. A smart business idea requires quick execution, but by the time you find the right techies and recruit a team that understands your project and aligns with your vision, your idea might already be outdated. Not only that: hiring a traditional team comes with many additional costs such as recruiting costs (that HR expert who you need to hire for the recruiting process), infrastructure costs (the office rent, the furniture, the tech), travel costs and hiring costs (including insurances, bonuses etc.)

The list of expenses is long and if you don’t run a firmly established company yet, your investment might get drained before you even started. Let’s face it, building an efficient team from scratch can be organisationally and administratively overwhelming.You are past the ideation stage for your project and are ready to implement, but you don’t want to get hung up on administering the complex set-up of a company. And that’s where our remote scalable teams come in.

Remote teams are the answer to low upfront investment What are remote teams? Remote teams are custom made teams that jump into building your project as soon as you approach Room of Opportunity and trust us with this task. These teams are selected from our international pool of highly skilled and trusted IT developers to take on the tasks that are necessary to get your project ready for the market. We know that projects go through different processes that require different resources. This month you may only need three developers but next month you need fifteen? That is why at Room of Opportunity, we offer scalable teams that adjust to the changing needs of your projects. This ensures you a hassle free execution at low admin costs. Our international developers work on your project as per the actual needs.

When you would have hired full-time employees in a traditional business operation where the workload might not always require full-time work, with us you have the opportunity to pay for the work that is actually required.Because our developers all work from their own infrastructure, you save on office rent, infrastructure and all the other overhead costs. Saving on physical work space isn’t only financially more sustainable but also a lot greener.

A remote team also means a lot less commuting. Remote scalable teams provide you and your project the flexibility it needs to take off Saving on upfront investment through remote scalable teams ultimately means that you are free to get your project rolling without the headache of building an infrastructure from scratch. It saves you time to focus solely on your project and we help you in reaching your milestones fast and without unnecessary detours.

The benefit of our well-run remote scalable teams means that you only pay for the work that is actually required. Not only that: Our international team of experts comes with a whole array of fresh perspectives to help you develop the perfect product, accomplishing time-sensitive tasks for you on a 24/7 basis.