How can I increase the number of my customers?

The end of the 2010s was a time of rapid growth in services: food delivery applications, online stores and dark stores, taxi applications, and even online platforms for tutors and psychologists became a part of our lives.

However, if you think about it, none of these services was invented in the 2010s. They have been around for years: you could have ordered a vacuum cleaner from an online store, called a taxi, or had an online session with your tutor or psychologist.

Let’s have a closer look and try to understand what was the reason for such a rapid growth and distribution of these services.

Here many things happened at once: all of the processes were accelerated, it suddenly became easier to receive benefits from the clients and it all contributed to an increase of the quality of services in general. All this became possible only thanks to digitalisation that has rapidly overtaken millions of services worldwide.

We at R-O-O can only assume that many services and businesses are still waiting for their “golden hour” for digitalisation and growth. We believe that no one except the business owner knows how the specific service works and what is a perfect time for it to move online. Sounds familiar?

Maybe you have an offline technology and some unformed idea of how to digitise it. Maybe you lack a clear picture of whether this is possible and how to execute the idea at a minimal cost. Maybe you have a dozen other “maybes” in your head and you need address your concerns to someone who has experience in the field.

Talk to us! We can help you with all your “maybes”. R-O-O has relevant experience in digitalising offline technologies: we know how, and you know what. Let’s make the future of online services together!
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