How can I make a big project if I don’t have a team?

If you are a digital entrepreneur, then probably one of your biggest desires and fears at the same time is to get a big project from a serious client too soon. The most common question is: “How can I work on a big project if I don’t have a team?”

Of course, you can refuse such a project, but you are unlikely to be here to read about it.

In general, facing a big project, you have three strategies.

Fake it till you make it: introduce yourself as a team and try to "pull" the project alone or involve a few specialists you know in person. In this case, all profits will be with you and your “fire brigade”, but unfortunately, there are big chances you won't be able to accomplish the project.
Try to build a new team quickly using LinkedIn and Upwork. Then, if everything works out, in the end, you will have not only a good portfolio project but also your team, but this is very unlikely because creating your team is another type of art and a long process. Most likely, you will not meet the project deadlines, and you will not have time to assemble a team.
Use a remote dev team service. Then you turn into a project manager within the framework of the project. So, you relieve yourself of other organisational problems by working on a project with a ready-made flexible team. But this will not suit you if you dream of your own team or do not want to share profits.

We at R-O-O work excellent as a remote dev team because we provide
– High technical expertise
– Affordable development price
– Relevant experience with digital products

At R-O-O as a dev team:
We do things well: we make thoughtful products that work as designed.
We are easy to communicate with: we’re cool guys and build a dialogue without formality.
We create useful things: we like to create things that make a positive difference in the world.

So, we care about what challenges you face. Let’s take them together!

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