How long will the life of my new website last?

Many business owners face a problem: they order a website and do not understand for how many years this site will be relevant. They often say something like: “A new website will cost me several thousand euros. What if it quickly becomes obsolete? Then I will have to pay again in just a couple of years!“

As you can guess there is no obvious answer to this question, that’s why it becomes difficult to calculate whether the investment will pay off.

To tackle this problem we need to look at it from different perspectives.

So, why do websites become obsolete?
Reason 1 — technology.

To begin with, let’s understand what technical obsolescence is. First, by the technical obsolescence of the website, we mean the end of support for a particular technology used.

To put it simple: technical support of a website is like a “virtual car service” and choosing the development strategy is like choosing a car.

So, the lifetime of a website directly depends on the technology that it is based on. You’d rather not fall into extremes with too “old-school” or too experimental technologies. Sticking to familiar, but still, up-to-date options will decrease chances of your web-site being no longer supported.

The same with a car: choosing an “old school” model, you understand that such a car will quickly become obsolete, and it will be more challenging to maintain it. Or you can opt for a super innovative model, taking the risk that not every car service will be able to work with it.

Like the right salesperson at the car center, we help to guide you into a solid decision based on your unique needs and wants, looking for the best options and providing you with a test drive of your future website.

However, there is a remarkable difference between buying a car and developing a website.

  • the site is always individual; it is made specifically for your needs
  • making a website can cost much less than a car 🙂

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