How to do a digital project with a low budget аs an NGO?

Often non-profit organizations and social initiatives believe that digital is too expensive for them. So they do incredible things but only offline, thinking their small budget is not enough for a digital project.

Now it is obvious that our life is increasingly moving online. That’s why remaining offline, many social projects lose their audience.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern: many useful social initiatives become less effective while staying offline. Understanding the root of the problem, we at R-O-O team would be happy to change that by cooperating with public organizations.

Here are some tips to help boosting the process:


Evaluate your budget

Get a complete assessment from an interested developer. Sometimes companies think that they will never have enough money to get certain work done so they never contact developers. But the truth is that having a realistic quote from a developer may not only help you to understand the amount of money you need to invest but also prompt the process.

Understand your tasks and requirements

Having a clear picture works well in two different ways: it helps us to give you a realistic quote, but also it helps you to cut off everything that is not necessary.

Team up with like-minded people

With our help, you can start collaborating with business owners, who can provide the technology needed for your project at a significant discount. It is also possible that other social enterprises are now looking for opportunities to make a project similar to yours. By joining forces, you can achieve more!

Search for opportunities!

In addition, there are grants and assistance for the digitalisation of projects. We follow the news of digital regulation, and perhaps there is a grant that can help you right now.

So do not hesitate to start: take the very first step and get an assessment of the project.

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